Celebrating the successful completion of Kay Cottee's solo, not-stop circumnavigation of the globe 30 years ago in 1988 in 'Blackmores First Lady'.  This exhibition uses objects and interactives from the Kay Cottee Collection at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney.


In a comparatively small vessel of 11.2 meters it took Cottee 189 days to become the first women in the world to circumnavigate the globe in her Cavalier 37 yacht which she herself fitted out for the voyage.


The challenges of isolation in a pre-GPS environment pitting oneself against the elements are many and yet there were some illuminating and very human moments of celebration to define the journey,.





December - July 2019


This exhibition explores the Navigators who have shaped our world  and the technology that enabled them to make it safely back again - mostly! There were spectacular ship-wrecks and events that made these some of the bravest or foolhardy men of their time.  Perhaps William Bligh's abilty to navigate a small open boat 7,000 kilometers to safety in Java  with his men after the mutiny was shaped by his experiences sailing with Captain Cook, these stories and more


Come on a journey through time as we explore the people, the technology and the events over 4 centuries and see how exploration of space still utilises some of the same concepts.


The exhibition uses graphics, and objects from the museum's Halloran Collection.




Image of William Bligh (by John Webber c1776) used in the exhibition.

(The original painting is in the National Portrait Gallery Collection, Canberra)






December - March 2019


We have much to learn from our local indigenous community about life and living in Australia.  Possum fur is delicate to touch, and has waterproof properties and when made into a cloak is lightweight and very warm. Each cloak told the story of its owner and lasted a lifetime.


This exhibition tells the story of one particular cloak that belongs to local artist, Julie Freeman and her family.  It was last exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2017.


Treasure Hunt

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The museum is open every day during the holidays and we have a treasure hunt activity to keep children busy in the museum.

Small prize if they answer all the questions.  Ask at the font desk on arrival.



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